Psylocibe Mexicana- A Mystery To Be Revealed

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The most admirable kingdom Fungi offers us with a variety of species particularly Mushrooms. Psylocibe Mexicana or shroom spores are one of the most interesting species of this kingdom. Also referred to as the sacred mushrooms, they have diversified uses and benefits as a medicine. This category of mushrooms seems to be a mystery to many of the mushroom lovers. But here we are about to explore regarding its mystery, by having a detailed look at this great species.

Psylocibe Mexicana is rich in the active contents of Psylocin and Psylocibin, actually the psychedelic components, responsible for producing the psychedelic effects. This characteristic of causing psychedelia makes this group of mushrooms as magical ones. Psychedelic effects cause hallucinations, reduces the levels of anxiety and depression, cause increased appreciation of music and colors. The hallucinogenic mushrooms have the power to make one feel relaxed and contented for a period of several hours to months depending on the dosage taken. Besides, it is critically important to identify the right genus of Psylocibe Mexicana to use them as medicine. Else, it could be life threatening as various mushrooms also contains the poisonous effects. Such effects may include disordered thinking, panic, etc.

The small cap mushroom with a long and slender stalk having brownish color is also possessing high mineral content. The best feature of magical mushrooms is its ability not to cause addiction to the user. There could be various ways to use them. The best is to take them in raw form. If one wants to avoid a bitter taste in raw form, it can be taken in the form of tea or infusions with boiling water. Mushroom lovers also make different tempting recipes using these mushrooms.

The magic or sacred mushrooms have a therapeutic use in the treatment of headaches as well. Care must be taken not only in selecting the right dose of the mushrooms but also in storing them. Once dried, they must be stored in airtight containers in cool places like fridge.

Numerous researches have already been done on these mysterious species and still a lot of research is under progress to explore the magical uses of these mushrooms. However, it has been identified and mutually accepted that these mushrooms have the strength to heal a number of psychological disorders.

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