Nepal Travel – Trekking Explained

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Trekking In Nepal to numerous sounds like a few of these activities that one discovers on a fantasy board or an action that seems so foreign that it belongs in certain vague National Geographic app about a far off location. Frankly both ‘hiking’ and ‘Nepal’ fall under that category of mystical experience activities and areas. In fact though, hiking in Nepal is not anything shocking (besides of course the great thing about the surroundings itself) rather than too out of the normal for anyone that has been on a very long hike.

As soon as I set out to write this particular explanation of hiking in Nepal, I needed more helpful hints to answer a question. “What is trekking?” I then understood that the response is much more complicated than what it sounds. In addition, it dawned on me, that if my family and friends posed the query, “What is trekking?” my cliché synonym derived response “It’s like a very long hike in the hills” that can be located on several “Traveling Nepal” websites wasn’t any where close satisfactory. It’s not that they I didn’t understand what hiking in Nepal was formulating the answer, but instead that we neglected to react to the query in ways to dispel the assumptions that grow from stereotypes that exist when the words trekking, Nepal, Himalayas and distant are employed in one sentence or near proximity to one another. It’s those stereotypes that prevent a straightforward and exact one sentence description of hiking in Nepal.

So what exactly is trekking in Nepal, in the event the appropriate answer is far more than just the stereotypical, traveling in Nepal by trekking? Let’s start with just a small geography.

Nepal, is a landlocked country, sandwiched between India and Tibet and stretched out across the backbone of the Himalayan variety. Therefore, it features a huge collection of habitats from tropical jungles to the alpine tops of the Himalayas themselves. What hiking in Nepal does, will create a chance for the traveler to traverse many components of the diverse terrain on foot, and go through the varied habitats and civilization struck along the road. However, although completely true, this response is incomplete.

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